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Hello! Welcome to my page, I’m Jess.
Thank you for visiting my website.

Growing up I was a very visual person. I loved fantasy and mermaids and had a wild imagination. My Mum always said that I was a flighty thing who existed in her own Disney bubble that could occupy herself for hours.
It’s only now I have realised, that I have carried this wonderment with me into adulthood, and I feel that this is reflective in my work through my themes and style.

Approaching adulthood, I entered University as a film student in 2011, studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, and graduated from my course years later, a passionate photographer. For years I had so many visuals that I wanted to bring to life, and eventually found that I could say everything I wanted to say in a single frame.

That being said, I take a lot of my inspiration from my cinema roots and often base ideas loosely from my favourite films, characters or pop culture references.

I love to capture people (and fur babies), in their most natural form with a fluid and more organic approach to my photographs, and at the core of everything, I aim to make every subject feel confident and the best version of themselves in front of the camera, because that is when the magic happens!

People often ask me, "what type of photography do you do?"
To that I say: I photograph almost anything and everything, and love it all, but the inner Disney child in me loves her creative one-on-one portrait sessions and filmic inspired editorials.

If you like my work and want to create something together, get in touch and we can discuss your needs!



A few of my highlight’s so far:

- Published in Gilded Magazine for Moonlore Magick (2017)

- Published in Elegant Magazine for Heat (2017)

- Published in Pump Magazine for Chikara (2017)

- Published in Art of Portrait Magazine for Sorrenti (2017)

- Published & Front Cover of Promo Magazine for Cake in Versailles (2017)

- Published in Elegant Magazine for Golden Girl (2017)

- Featured artist at Perth RAW's Envision (2018)

- Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society (2012)

- WA Screen Academy Behind the Scenes Photographer x 2 (2015)

- Published in Coco Magazine for Urban Jungle (2016)

- Published in Beau Nu Magazine for Mermaid Lagoon (2016)

- Published in The Muse Magazine for Hanging Rock Daydream (2016)

- Published in Intelegance Magazine for Princess of Arcadia (2017)

- Featured in Fresh Exhibition, Perth WA (2017)